In Artlantis Studio, you can put in one type of objects called Billboard. Billboard has several useful features:

  • Interact with the sun light (called heliodon in Artlantis) with shadows
  • Bring life in your renderings and animations
  • Fast to render billboard than 3d object
  • Much lightweight compared to 3d object


Look at the sample of billboard (people cutout) in the render output. Notice that the shadow is generated based on the position of the heliodon. It quickly bring life to the render output.


Add Billboard

1. In the Catalog window, Objects > BB People Dosch Design Sample in the left folder tree, drag the Peo096 to the Preview Window.

Note: BB means billboard.


Mirror Billboard

You can mirror the billboard vertically or horizontally.

1. Switch to Object Inspector.

2. Click the Mirror horizontally button.


Note: The render output. Notice that the people cutout is mirrored and facing right now.


Billboard Layer

Billboard added will be put under the Billboard layer. 

1. In the Object Inspector, click the List button to display List window.

Note: The added billboard is listed in Billboards layer and named as Peo096_1. If you add the same billboard again, it will be named as Peo096_2 with the increment number at the back.


Move Billboard
You can move the billboard easily in 2D View window.

1. Ensure you are at Object Inspector, select the billboard object in the List window.

2. In the 2D View window, drag the blue dot (represent the billboard) to new position.


Delete Billboard


In the List window, right-click the billboard object and choose Delete from the context menu.



How to create billboard


You need a software called BB Builder.


Here is the tutorial written by Paul Beston.


Written by Liang Ee Hang | LinkedIn
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