This is Part II of theUsing Textures generated from Genetica Viewer in Artlantis tutorial. If you have not gone through Part I, please follow this link.

Step 6: Shader Inspector

Texture and maps are ready for you to create shader in Artlantis. Launch your Artlantis and open up your model.


1. Switch to Shader Inspector.

2. In the Preview Window, click the geometry where you want to apply the new shader.

3. Tools > Create Shader from... menu.
Note: Edit Shader dialog box appears.

Step 7: Creating Shader in Artlantis

1. Click the Preview White Box and choose Follow the Red Brick Road_d.jpg.

2. Click the Diffuse White Box and choose Follow the Red Brick Road_d.jpg also.

3. Click the Specular - Reflexion White Box and choose Follow the Red Brick Road_s.jpg.

4. Click the Bump White Box and choose Follow the Red Brick Road_b.jpg.

5. Click Save the Shader As.. button.
Note: Save As dialog box appears.

6. Save the shader file as Follow the Red Brick Road_d.xsh. Place the file at the same location with all the texture and maps used.

Step 8: Render the model

You can view some more rendering result at this Photo album.

I hope my note can help up my students who have attended my Artlantis Training. Please feel free to write comment on my note.

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