Using heliodon inspector to create a beautiful sky 

This tutorial showing you on how to use the heliodon inspector to create a beautiful sky. Enjoy!!


Step 1 Manually adjust position sun

1. Switch to Heliodons Inspector in the inspector manager.

2. Let start edit the setting in Inspector Setting.

3. Click the Position Sun Manually.


 4. Open 2D view Window in the Windows Shortcut Commands. 
     Adjust sun position in Top view and Front View.

5. You also can to adjust the sun position in inspector setting.


Step 2 Sky Lighting

1. Right click the Filter Color Box in sun light color to display the Color Dialog Box.
    And select yellow color in sun light color.


2. Select blue color in sky light color.


3. If want more strong the power of lighting color, drag the Power Slider of intensify the sun light in the Heliodon  Inspector.



Step 3 Add shadow and Lens Flare


1. Click the Shadow checkbox .
   Noted: Shadow is applied.


2.  Drag the Power Slider of intensify the shadow sharpness to 100%.

3. Let’s active the Lens Flare.
   Check the Lens Flare.


4.  Select second type of Lens Flare.


Step 4   Add Clouds

1. Check the Clouds in Heliodon inspector setting.  

2. Click the clouds to display the clouds dialog.
    You can adjust the setting of clouds.


3. Click this to random pick the clouds setting.  



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