Welcome to Part IV of this Buckingham Palace Gates tutorial. We have covered Heliodon Light and Neon Light Shader in Part II and Part III tutorials respectively. Let's explore the last lighting type in Artlantis Studio called Light.

Exploring Light

Like Neon Light Shader lighting, one Perspective View (camera) can be associated to many lights. Light has the lens flare effect, like you see the lens flare in Heliodon. Not like Neon Light Shader lighting that you need to assign neon light shader to the objects in the scene, Light can be created standalone. 

In this project, to have the better lighting effect on the black metal lanterns, we are going to add the lights to the bulbs and have the lens flare effect on the light.

Note: Before adding lights with lens flare effect.

Note: After adding lights with lens flare effect.

1. Switch to Light Inspector.

2. In the List Window, click Add a Light button.

Note: A light item is added in the List Window. The light item is actually stored under a Light Group.


Let's see where to associate the light group to the perspective view.


3. Switch to Perspective View temporary.



4. Under the lighting section, ensure the Light Group is checked, so that the lighting can take effect on this camera view.

Let's position the light using 2D View Window.

5. Back to Light Inspector. In the 2D View Window, adjust the light position as per screen below.

6. The light shall act like Omni light, which radiates at a 360 degree. In the Light Inspector, change the angle to 360 degree.



Note: No angle line is shown for light with 360 degree.


7. In the Light Inspector, check the Lens Flare checkbox, set the Lens Flare Intensity to 10.

Note: Len Flare result in Preview Window.


8. Now, duplicate the light as shown. Use Option key (Mac) or Alt key (window) and drag the light to duplicate.

Note: The result in Preview Window.

Adding Spotlight

1. In the List Window, click Add Light Group button.



Note: A light group item is added to the List Window. Light Group is a container to store the lights. The Perspective View is associated to the Light Groups, not to Light.

 2. Change the name of the Light Group to SpotLight.


3. Click the Add Light button.



4. In the 2D View Window, position the light in Top and Front View.

 5. In the Light Inspector, you can control the light fall off pattern of the spotlight.


As we are going to duplicate multiple spotlights in a aligned manner. Here are the quick way to accomplish this.


6. In the 2D View Window, hold Option + Shift key and drag the spotlight to the end of the line.



7. Press Shift + [+] a few times until you get the number of spotlights as shown.


8. Press [ENTER] to confirm your duplicate action.

9. In case you can't get the spotlight working, check the Perspective View's Lighting, whether the Spotlight Light Group has been associated to the camera view.

Note: The result in Render Window.

That's all for Part IV Tutorial.


Thanks for viewing this tutorial. Please comment if there is a mistake or wrong-doing in this tutorial.

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