This is Part II of the Buckingham Palace Gates tutorial. If you have not gone through Part I, please follow this link.

Making Object Transparent but not the texture

Look closer on the model in Artlantis Studio, notice that the objects color as well as the texture are both appearance, the object color gives problem, ie does not have transparent effect. We need to overcome this problem.

1. Switch to Shaders Inspector.

2. Click the Show List Window button.

Note: This opens up List Window.

3. In the Preview Window, click the left gate and hold for a while until the object is hightlight as shown. This will select the object layer in the List Window.

Note: In the List Window, CenterGate_35 layer is selected, and with a texture called CentralGate.png assigned to it. The CentralGate.png file is located side by side with this atl file.


Note: If you refer you files in the folder containing the ATL file, notice that CentralGate.png is there. Always ensure the pngs files are always together with ATL file.

4. Ensure the CentralGate.png is selected in the List Window.  In the Shaders Inspector, check the Use Alpha Channel checkbox.


5. Select the CentralGate_35 layer in the List Window. In the Shaders Inspector, set the Diffuse Color to White, Transparent value to max.

Note: We have set the Object to be transparent, and also ask the Artlantis to use the Alpha Channel information inside the png file as the transparent area also.

6. Repeat the same process to make all the fences transparent.


Exploring Heliodon Light

Artlantis Studio comes with 3 types of lighting, namely Heliodon, Light and Neon Shader. Let's explore the Heliodon light. Heliodon Light is the sun light, it is parallel and no attenuation along the path (i think so). You can have many heliodon lights like Morning, Noon, night etc in one Artlantis file. But, One Perspective View can only associate with One Heliodon Light.

One Perspective View mean one camera view. We, human have perspective eyes. What perspective means? Perspective means same thing closer to you looked bigger, same thing further from you looked smaller.

Let's check which heliodon light is associated to the current perspective view.

7. Switch to Perspective View.

8. In the Perspective Inspector, see the Lighting section. It tells that there is a Heliodon called SketchUp is associated to this view.

Note: During importing skp to atl process, Artlantis has auto-created a Heliodon light and name it as SketchUp.The name is a bit confusing, let change the name later.

9. Switch to Heliodon Inspector.

10. In the List Window, double-click the Sketchup name and change to Sun.


11. In the Heliodon Inspector, turn on the Shadow.


Note: The shadow of the gate can be seen perfectly.

12. In the Heliodon Inspector, click the Advance Parameter Setting button.

Note: The Advance Parameter Setting dialog box opens.

13. Check the Sun lens flare checkbox and choose any of the 4 lens flare types. I choose no 2.

14. In the Preview Window, move the mouse around so that the camera is facing the sun. Your camera needs to see the sun in order to see the lens flare.

That's all for this Part II.

Artlantis Studio Tutorial and Samples File Online

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