Artlantis Studio 4.1 is coming.

I managed to update from Artlantis Studio 4.0 to 4.1. So, i wish to try out 4.1 with this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we are going to download the Buckingham Palace Gate from 3d warehouse.

We will then explore the following lighting in Artlantis Studio:

  • Heliodon (Called Distant Light in AutoCAD and 3D Max)
  • Neon Shader (called Point Light in AutoCAD, Omni Light in 3D Max)
  • Light (Called Spot Light in AutoCAD and 3D Max)

Before we do the exploration in Artlantis Studio 4, we need to download the model from 3d warehouse website, edit the SketchUp file to break the main gate into 2 parts. This is to ensure 2 layers (left and right portion of the main gate) are being created during the conversion to atl format.

Download Skp File

1. Go to Search Buckingham Palace Gates.

2. Click Download Model dropdown, choose Download 3 mb for Google SketchUp 8 (.skp)

Note: You can download lower version of skp, shall be able to work.

Note: It is advisable to save the skp file into a specific folder. Once the conversion to atl is done at the later stage, many photos used in the skp file will be revealed. So, kind of messy if there is no folder to contain them.

3. Open up Buckingham Palace Gates.skp in Google SketchUp 8.


I believe the main gate is drawn in a single surface, and texture it with a photo. I wish to animate the gate to open at the later tutorial (Part V). Single surface cannot work! So, i need to :

  • Investigate which photo is used, i then duplicate the photo
  • Use pencil tool in Sketchup to break the single surface into 2 surfaces
  • Attach the duplicated photo to the 2nd surface

4. Window > Materials to open Materials Palette. Window > Entity Info to open Entity Info Palette.


5. Use the Select tool to select the gate.


Note: We need to find out how the gate being drawn as surface

Note: The gate objects are grouped into Group. We need to drill in further.

6. Double-click the group, and then select the gate again. In the Entity Info palette, select the face icon to see which texture being assigned to the face in the Material Palette.

Artlantis Tutorial Download | Using Textures from in Artlantis | Cemtech Training Center Puchong, Selangor Melaka

7. In the Material Palette, right-click the photo and choose duplicate.

Note: This duplicates the gate photo to another set.


8. Let's rename the newly duplicated photo. Right-click the duplicated photo and choose Edit.

9. Give the name as RightGate.


10. Use the Pencil tool, draw a line from the middle point of the upper edge to the middle point of the bottom edge.


11. Assign the texture RightGate (in step 9) to the right side of the gate.

12. Save the Sketchup file and close the Google Sketchup.

Opening Sketchup File in Artlantis Studio

Artlantis Studio can support many file types such as SketchUp, 3D Max, AutoCAD.

13. Launch Artlantis Studio, choose Buckingham Palace Gates.skp to open.

14. Switch to Shaders Inspector. Notice that the gate has been put into 2 different layers. That's good for later animation work.

If you take a look on the folder containing the skp and atl files, you notice that there are many photos used in skp files are not revealed and used by the atl file. Always keep them intact with atl.

That's all for Part I tutorial.

Artlantis Studio Tutorial and Samples File Online

If you wish to read all the tutorials and download the samples files to practice, you are welcome to join us to become Cemtech fan and go to our Artlantis Studio Page.


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